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So it seems the idiocy surrounding Chihiro has spread to other Dangan Ronpa characters. Have you heard that now Sakura is being "headcanoned" as trans by some people?


She fucking isn’t though.  No character in this game/anime is canonically trans.  The whole point behind Chihiro’s character is that he was bullied for being a “weak boy” so he dressed as a girl to prevent getting his ass kicked, which over the years would only prove to cripple his self-esteem even further the more he held it in.  He wanted to prove to himself and others that he was strong enough to be a boy, so rather than hold it in and fall into despair, he wanted to reveal his secret to the others to prove he could be strong enough as male.  If he was so dead-set on being a transgirl then he wouldn’t have wanted that secret to be revealed.  Hell, he even proves his gender by having his dick touched while saying “see, I’m actually a boy.”

Hell, he shares his gender several times.


But I guess that even if it’s blatantly spelled out in front of them to the point where it’s holding their fucking hands and guiding them through, it STILL isn’t good enough.  I guess the people that made this game, the game these idiots obsess over, is transphobic.  

Even the mere mention of Chihiro being a boy sets these assholes into a burning rage, as if him being a CIS MALE alone is the worst possible thing that could have happened.  As if they have never heard of boys being bullied for wanting to go against gender roles.  These idiots don’t care.  They see a dress, and automatically assume GIRL.  Wait, they have a penis?  TRANS GIRL.  Wait, they themselves in context say that they are a boy and are sick of dressing like a girl and want to be strong enough to be considered a boy due to suffering relentless bullying and developing a weak gender complex?  THE CREATOR IS MOCKING TRANS ISSUES.  

They claim to want to SMASH THE PATRIARCHAL GENDER NORMS, but instead come up with new ones.  They see a boy in a dress, and rather than just shut up and accept that in canon he is a boy in a dress and enjoy the fucking game, they bitch and moan and swear that he is in fact a trans girl, therefore saying that all trans women are just cross-dressing men.  Way to go you loons.

As for Sakura, the entire point behind Sakura’s character is that she was sick of the sexist attitude of women being weak, so she trained day and night to become a walking tank to prove to the world that she could be not only the world’s strongest warrior, but also doing so as a woman.

Besides, have they completely forgotten about THIS picture?


That girl next to her lover is Sakura.  Yes, the very same Sakura we see in game putting Hulk Hogan to shame in terms of brute force and muscle mass.  She became strong to take the place of Kenichiro as World’s Strongest when he became terminally ill, in honor of him.

What SJW refer to as “headcanons” are anything but.  They are political social justice nonsense under the guise as headcanons.  Headcanons are meant to fill in the gaps of events that weren’t clearly explained, which in the case of Chihiro and Sakura, HAVE been explained, these people just don’t want to hear it because it goes against their bullshit narrative.  I actually knew someone who swore that Sakura is “inter-sex” because, and I quote, “How else do you explain her huge muscles and masculine face is if she isn’t Cis?”

Because, you moron, IT’S A FUCKING VIDEOGAME.  This is like trying to apply real world physics to explain what happens in a Roadrunner cartoon.  It’s just doesn’t make any damn sense.


I love this so much. I love that Hannibal wasn’t just randomly sitting there and missing Will occasionally, that he kept the appointment time open, so he sat there REGULARLY for WEEKS, looking across at that empty chair, longing for the day Will would fill it again, feeling Will’s silence like a draft.

And Will KNEW it, he KNEW Hannibal would be there waiting, just as the two had always known where to find the other without the need to call ahead, no matter the distance and inconvenience between them, that compulsion to find the other that sent Hannibal to Quantico when Will was 30 seconds late for THIS SAME appointment, bypassing Wolf Trap because he knew Will wouldn’t be there, that same compulsion that sent Will to Hannibal’s home, knowing he’d be there and not at his office, when Will had to drive a hour in the snow to unburden himself.

And while Hannibal faithfully waited for Will all those nights, he’d no reason to believe Will would show up now; Will had been free for days and left him waiting. Will had been to his home and almost killed him, and Will had left, silent and still angry, so that when that knock came on the door of his office, Hannibal did a double take at his own appointment book, even though he knew damn well what time it was. And he opened the door and there Will stood, just as he’d always stood, in the center of the waiting room and facing away—no need to sit when he knew Hannibal would never keep him waiting—demonstrating such trust that only giving someone your back can demonstrate, especially knowing the violence Hannibal is capable of. He had a confidence in their relationship even Hannibal is no longer sure he can give Will anymore, not now that Will is becoming what Hannibal always knew was in him to become, and in so buying that transformation, Hannibal may have cost himself the friendship that had become dearer to him than anything, because Will was dearer to him than anything, even when he believed Will was not a murderer after all.

But here Will is back, the same and not the same, their friendship is back, the same and not the same, and Hannibal himself is back, the same and not the same. “You changed me,” Will says, and Hannibal replies, “The friendship we had is over. The Chesapeake Ripper is over.” 

He gave it up for Will—not killing, not who he is—but his very favorite expression of who he is. He had been consumed by frustration and outrage when someone took credit for his Ripper killings previously, and here he goes and just gives the credit away—and to a man he doesn’t even respect—all for Will, so he can fill that silence in his life and bestill that cold and empty draft.

"The Chesapeake Ripper is over," he says to Will. You changed me too


you ever look at a kink and think “nah” then a few years later look at the same kink and go “actually yes”


You would never guess who joined the Padlock ship

Amazing designs


Fuck you and your shoulder waist ratio indeed.

I can’t un-know the monsters
but I can become the person
who would have saved
thirteen-year-old me.

-- 3/365, wesley king (via hulkbusta)


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